Electricity consumption = cost / Christmas lights

Determine electricity costs and power consumption in advance

Display size and choice of light source, whether incandescent or LED, will have the biggest impact on electricity bills.
Since the output of an incandescent lamp is 80-90% higher than that of an LED, the cost of running an incandescent lamp can be up to 90 times higher than that of powering an LED, although better or equal results can be achieved with an LED.

Electricity costs are rising in Germany!
On average, we are currently in the range of 2021 to 2022 at an amount of 35 cents per kilowatt hour with an increasing tendency to 40 cents per kilowatt hour.

How do you calculate the cost of electricity from the Christmas lights?

It’s actually really quite simple. If we want to calculate the electricity consumption ourselves, we use the following formula in our electricity bill:

Total Watts * 0.001 = KILOWATT HOUR (This is your consumption in KW/H)

Kilowatt hour * LIGHTING TIME IN HOURS = consumption (that is per day in KW/h)

Consumption per day * 30 = monthly consumption KW/h

Monthly consumption Kw/h * price per kilowatt hour from your electricity provider = electricity costs for the month!

Math can be so helpful!

An example…

So we have 35 strings of lights that draw an average of 5 watts. So we take the 5 watts x 35 and get 175 watts. Let’s multiply the 175 watts by 0.001 to get the consumption in kilowatt hours. From the resulting 0.175, we take 4 hours of lighting and then get 0.7 KWH. We now multiply this by 30 days and thus get 21 KWH. Now just multiply that by the electricity costs per KWH from your provider and we have the consumption of your light chains.

Do LEDs really reduce electricity costs?

The answer to the question of whether LEDs reduce electricity costs is a clear “YES”!
LEDs use 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 100,000 hours versus 3,000 hours for an incandescent bulb.

Combine this with the durable construction of LEDs and the savings go beyond electricity.
Repeat purchases of LED lights are drastically reduced, multiplying the savings year after year. With the LED lighting you are on the right track.