Christmas Houses

Christmas and Christmas houses with your Christmas lights belong together, like Christmas Eve with beautiful glittering snow. Unfortunately, there is no snow in many places on Christmas Eve.

But the Christmas houses or houses of lights can be found on

I, in cooperation with the owners of these attractions, present you such beautifully lit and decorated Christmas houses. Relax a little and enjoy the beautiful pictures of the Christmas houses or the numerous videos of the Christmas houses that are presented here on this Christmas house portal.

Tastes are certainly different, but you are more than welcome to think outside the box. On this Christmas house portal you will surely find a Christmas house with its Christmas lights on the house and in the garden, which you like.

Because whether 1,000,000 Christmas lights or 500 Christmas lights. A house, a building or a street can trigger a feeling of well-being in people with numerous or even fewer Christmas lights.

Mein bestreben ist es ebenfalls, Sie als Besucher dieser Internetseite mitzunehmen auf die Reise in die Welt der Weihnachtshäuser und deren Geschichten.

You have a Christmas House?

However, your Christmas house / house of lights is not yet represented on Then I would say, go to the contact form very quickly.

Get in touch with me and we’ll see if your Christmas house with its fairy lights, silhouettes and maybe more can be presented free of charge on I will then usually contact you by email within a day or two.