The largest German Christmas house portal

It’s nice that you’re visiting and want to see the Christmas lights from the most beautiful Christmas houses.

Autumn and winter are dark seasons when everyone longs for a little light.
That is why the Christmas lights on a house decorated for Christmas, in all its possible facets, are always interesting to look at.

One wants it bright and bright and the other wants it discreet and cozy.

Christmas lighting systems today offer a huge variety to cover numerous wishes.
When the Advent season or Christmas season approaches, the first Christmas lighting elements light up in many houses:

  • illuminated Advent wreaths
  • shooting stars
  • arcs of light
  • window pictures
  • Pyramids and other pre-Christmas artworks

And then there are the Christmas houses, light houses or also called Christmas Lights House, all over the world. Where the owners enjoy decorating the Christmas lights around the house.

Children in particular keep asking their parents whether Santa Claus lives in such a house. The word Santa Claus House is often associated with the Christmas houses / houses of lights in this world.